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Remember Our Rights: An Art Project

The current political climate, along with proposed budget implications, is of great concern to many, including myself, who believe in civil rights, arts, culture and progressive causes. Many who would differ on other political issues share this concern.

Over the holidays we had a family giving challenge and the results were interesting, leading me to wonder if i might be able to combine these concerns with my art interests Ta da... "Remember Our Rights: An Art Project” was born.

The goal is to raise money, influence, volunteer, or in some way make a contribution to arts, environmental or other progressive charities or action groups and have the results recorded.           

We all have charities dear to our hearts that we support. What I ask of each of  you is to

  1. donate, volunteer or in some way influence a progressive charity/organization of your choice
  2. encourage others to participate by sending them a link to this page via email, social media, etc.
  3. verify your participation using the button below

Though I would love to hear what charity you picked, and why, that is not necessary. I also do not need to know your name or the amount of your donation but I do need to know in what state you reside.

When verifying your participation, you can request that you be sent a hand-crafted “Rights 2017” porcelain medallion to commemorate your participation.

The "Remember our Rights" art installation will be completed at the end of 2017. It will be a series of porcelain flags, one for each state (I hope), showing the number of contributions from that state. They will be hung around a larger United States Flag showing the grand total.

During the coming year, the total number of donations by state will be displayed on this web site. At the end of the year the totals will be publicized.

I hope that you will participate. Progress has been too hard fought to allow civil rights to be eroded and progressive causes to take backward steps.