Artist's Statement

A few years ago, I visited a guitar factory in Memphis and was captivated with the bending, glueing and inlaying in the process of building a guitar. I realized that this fascination with the process of building has been part of my being since childhood and is fundamental to my creativity in clay. Clay sculpture is a highly tactile process that allows me to translate my ideas into 3 dimensional pieces of sculpture.

Growing up in a family of craftspeople, including boat builders and stone masons, has given me the fundamentals to create. That combined with an interest in architecture and construction has moved my current work in the direction of crude buildings, bridges and other structures. The beauty of this work is not only in the form but in the surfaces.

Developing a crude, rustic, distressed surface is my primary goal. To that end I have been experimenting with clay bodies, firing techniques and glazes to simulate the textures of weather beaten aged wood, rusted steel and stone. The results of this experimentation is evident in my work.

When the viewer is drawn to the details of the surface textures I know I have achieved success.